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Is QR Menu Ordering Without Payment Possible?

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

QR ordering without payment is mainly preferred by the food and beverage industries, which prefer to calculate and collect fees after the customers have finished their meals.

You probably think that you can’t use digital menu software with an ordering system for this. But it’s definitely not true at all!

You can still use the QR code menu with an ordering system to create your digital menu without mobile payment options. It’s a better option than creating JPEG or PDF restaurant menus. 

Find out how you can use digital menu software to create a contactless order and pay system and why successful restaurants prefer this option to JPEG and PDF menus.

What is QR ordering, and is it possible to remove the mobile payment options?

QR ordering but without mobile payment options is possible by choosing between two choices: creating a view-only menu or disabling payment methods on your ordering menu. But what’s the difference? 

A view-only menu is a digital menu without an ordering feature. It is similar to your usual PDF, JPEG, or H5 menu. 

But you can edit your menu anytime when you create a view-only menu using digital menu software.

When you offer a view-only menu, customers will need restaurant staff to take their orders, hand in their bills, and get their payments. 

On the other hand, you can still get orders on your dashboard even if you turn off the payment features of your interactive digital menu.

What is contactless order and pay system in self-service restaurants?

QR code menu
Customer scanning QR code menu to order

Restaurant contactless ordering is a digital feature that most self-service restaurants offer so that customers can place their orders through the menu.

Customers can order through the menu without needing help from your staff and even pay using their phones when payment features are enabled.

With this system, you can still run your restaurant and deliver quality service despite having only a few workers.

The fully automated, independent order and pay system can facilitate cashless transactions, which is convenient for customers who prefer paying through cards and e-wallets. 

Orders made through your restaurant's ordering menu will show up right on the dashboard of your contactless ordering system, where you can check on them and change their status.

How does a QR code ordering system work?

A QR code-based restaurant menu receives orders made by customers on your interactive digital menu. It automates the ordering process and organizes your menu on the dashboard.

This technology is an effective alternative to printed menus that can cause the spread of germs and other microbes. 

Aside from that, the ordering menu also allows diners to customize their orders by adding modifiers before placing them.

Customers need only know how to scan the QR code to order food on the menu—no need to call waitstaff to ask for printed menus.

When payment options are enabled, customers can pay using mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal through their phones.

With this contactless ordering system, your customers can also check their orders on their phones. You can also update the status of each order on the dashboard as Pending, In-Progress, or Completed.

MENU TIGER: A QR code menu software that enables ordering with and without a payment option

MENU TIGER allows you to create a QR code with a menu,  ordering, and mobile payment options. But it also has a view-only menu option and an interactive menu without payment options. 

With this QR code menu software, you can create a view-only menu that you can easily edit and update in real-time, unlike PDF, JPG, or H5 menus.

A contactless ordering app menu without a digital payment option is great for restaurants that require payment at the end of their customers' meals.

These include a conveyor belt sushi bar, where they count your sushi plates after eating. Customers can pay in cash or by card after the restaurants calculate their orders.

On the other hand, a view-only menu is for restaurants that offer waitstaff service as part of the restaurant experience, like fine dining restaurants. 

Moreover, MENU TIGER is free for customers. The software is commission-free, so your customers won't have to pay or download an app to order from your menu.

Why use digital menu software to create an interactive menu without mobile payment?

Your PDF and JPEG menus are good, but an interactive menu that allows your customer to order before paying is the best option if you’re aiming for convenience and efficiency. Here’s why:

Updating your menu is unlimited and free

Digital menu software, like MENU TIGER, allows you to edit your interactive menus for free. Plus, there’s no limit to how many times you want to edit your menu.

You can make significant edits, like adding a promotional menu section or simply editing a typo on your Chimken Salad without changing your QR code.

Restaurants can update menus anytime and anywhere

Another advantage of using a digital menu is the convenience of updating your menu. Because your menu and order dashboard are accessible to mobile devices, you can edit your menu using tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.

It’s a reliable feature, especially for restaurateurs and restaurant staff who are always on the go.

Digital ordering is still possible

When you create a digital menu instead of a PDF or JPEG menu, you can enable ordering, so you’ll receive orders but not mobile payments. It’s the same thing as QR code JPEG and PDF menus. But here’s where it gets interesting.

Since you can receive orders on your dashboard, you’ll only need to employ less staff, which is a great strategy you can use in case of a recession.

How to enable QR code ordering without payment 

First, open your MENU TIGER account.

sign in MENU TIGER

Next, go to Integrations.

ordering system integration

Then, select Payments.

order dashboard mobile payments

Finally, disable the options such as Cash, PayPal, or Stripe payment integration for restaurant systems.

How to disable menu ordering and payment options

On your admin panel, go to Stores.

admin panel store

Select the store you want to create a view-only menu.

select store

Click store panel Ordering Options.

Then, disable takeaway and/or dine-in ordering.

Keep in mind that if you disable the takeout option in the dashboard, your website menu will only be able to present a view-only menu to customers. Therefore, customers are unable to place orders on the website.

Additionally, customers may only scan the QR menu while the dine-in option is disabled; they cannot place orders or make payments using their smartphones.

How to enable digital menu ordering with payment options

Go to Integrations.

admin dashboard integration

Select Payments.

admin dashboard payments

Then, enable the payment option of your choice (Stripe, PayPal, or Cash)

Make an ordering menu without a payment option using a QR code menu software

Creating QR ordering without payment options using interactive menu software is better since you can still take orders without a payment option. Unlike JPEG or PDF menus, you can amke minor or major edits to your menus anytime without changing the QR code.

You can use QR code menu software like MENU TIGER to create your view-only menu or interactive menu without payment. It is a great software that offers multiple solutions to simple restaurant problems.

Get started with MENU TIGER for free today! No credit card is required.

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