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How to make a restaurant order system in 6 easy steps

Last Updated: May 14, 2024

A restaurant order system helps provide restaurants with a smooth and organized automated order monitoring system. 

And with a QR code menu software, you can easily create an order system where customers can directly order and pay online—no need for third-party order software.

Since the order system for restaurants run online, you can access it through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can also monitor and carry out orders in real-time without installing additional hardware. 

For this reason, having reliable and practical order system software is essential. Learn more about this helpful tool in this article.

MENU TIGER: A multi-feature QR code menu software and a restaurant order system software in one

MENU TIGER is a QR code menu software that generates a code-free website with an interactive digital menu optimized for mobile devices.

The interactive menu feature enables restaurant users to access a restaurant table order management system without needing additional third-party order system software. 

You can add multiple store locations, manage various store menu layouts using one account, and add multiple users and admins. It also allows multiple devices to access, monitor, and update orders on the dashboard.

With the best restaurant online ordering system, Your customers can personalize their orders in line with their tastes before placing them using menu item modifiers. Plus, they can monitor the status of their orders in real-time.

It also supports cashless digital payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, and PayPal payment integration for restaurants.

Aside from tracking orders, MENU TIGER also tracks customer data per store, including the total number of orders, revenue, and the top-selling food items.

How to make an order system for restaurants using a QR menu software

1. Choose a software

Choose a software
Choose a software

Go to your trusted QR code menu software and log in or create an account.

2. Setup your store

Setup online store

Click Stores, click New, type in the store details, and click Add to set up your store.

Go to the store's Settings and enable dine-in and/or takeaway orders.

Tip: Always enable dine-in and/or takeaway orders to enable the order tracking feature.

Then, add your store users and admins on Users, set up your store's Opening Hours, and connect your social media channels on Social Account.

3. Add a table and customize your table menu QR code design

Customize QR code

Click Customize your QR code and change your menu QR code pattern and eyes, set the colors, and add a customized frame.

4. Set up your menu

Setup online menu category

Then, click Menu and select Food. You can add menu categories and items with descriptions, food images, prizes, ingredient warnings, etc.

Create modifiers and modifier groups for your menu items in the Modifiers section. Then, return to your menu category, choose a category or item, and add your modifiers.

5. Enable mobile order digital payment options

Payment integration

On the Add-ons section, go to Payments, then enable and set up your Stripe, PayPal, or Cash payment options. 

Tip: Add digital payment options to your digital menu so customers can pay before placing their orders. Your staff will have fewer tasks to do, and they will thank you for that. 

6. Create your no-code website

Create website

On your order dashboard, click Website. Then, in the General settings, add your store name, logo, banner, and contact details. 

Enable website sections like the Hero Section, About Section, Featured Food Section, and Why Choose Us section.

Then, configure your website appearance by changing the font style and color scheme.

Finally, you can add Promotions and Surveys to your website.

How to track and carry out orders using an order system

1. Go to Orders

Order dashboard

2. Choose a store where you want to track orders

Track orders

3. Select an order status

Order status

4. Then, click Apply

Apply order status

5. Change the status of an order accordingly

  • Pending – orders placed recently and/or waiting for production
  • In-Progress – orders currently being made
  • Completed – orders delivered to table or customer

Advantages of using an online menu ordering system

Organized order tracking and fulfillment

A system where you can directly monitor place orders and update order status anytime makes restaurant operations more streamlined and smoother.

This would be handy during peak hours and busy days. Restaurants can operate smoothly despite the volume of customers and the influx of orders.

Increases restaurant revenue

On average, restaurants that accept online orders receive 32% more orders with a 30% larger average ticket size than those that do not.

Customers can take their time browsing the menu and placing an order, which is a huge convenience.

Also, being able to place orders whenever they want results in an increase in add-ons, a higher average, and a better bottom line.

Increases table turnover and tips

An organized restaurant order system enables you to serve your customers faster. When service is faster, customers can get their orders quicker, eat, and finish their meals in less time.

Hence, tables are turned over to the next customers in no time, allowing your staff to serve more and increase your table turnover rate. This is a win for you and your staff since it significantly increases your revenue and tips. 

Meet customer expectations

Contactless ordering for restaurants has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. About 70% of customers expect an option to order online through the restaurant's website.

Potential customers need to be able to place their orders on the website with minimal effort. It increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat customers. 

Stores valuable data from customer orders

The best restaurant online ordering systems collect valuable data from your customers' online orders, like their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and food preferences.

You can use it to enhance promo tactics, especially with your October restaurant marketing ideas and strategies, to win over new online customers, hold on to your current clientele, and encourage repeat purchases.

Information obtained from past purchases can help you give each customer a one-of-a-kind shopping and buying experience.

Enhances overall restaurant dining experience

A built-in online menu ordering system feature enables you to change your QR code-based menu in real-time. Customers won't have to order 86'd items unknowingly, saving their time.

Your interactive menu also gives customers the necessary menu item information, like ingredient warnings, so they can make informed orders. This provides assurance to customers and helps you avoid awkward or life-threatening situations in your restaurant.

How does a handheld restaurant order management system work

A handheld restaurant order management system is a portable device that restaurants use to monitor and carry out online orders on the go. Restaurants mostly use tablets or smartphones as a handheld order system tool.

For example, your restaurant staff can carry a restaurant order system on an iPad to keep track of the orders placed by the customers at Table 3.

At the same time, they can seat customers and serve diners from other tables. It's much easier than shuffling to and from the counter.

Benefits of handheld restaurant tools

Access the restaurant order system dashboard on the go

Your staff can access the order dashboard anytime or anywhere using a handheld order system.

Unlike an installed order dashboard on the counter, a handheld restaurant tool promotes flexibility and speed of service, and the portability of restaurant technology.

No need to install additional hardware 

Additional restaurant software or hardware takes up extra space and time for installation and setup. But because the handheld restaurant order tracking system is an online program, you don't have to install any of these.

You or your staff can take out your smartphones or tablets, log in to your accounts, and presto—you’re already on the dashboard.

No training period for staff

Restaurant staff can open the dashboard on different and multiple devices at the same time. 

This means you don't need to train them how to use a handheld restaurant device, unlike with complex restaurant hardware.

Multiple users and admins can carry out orders

Another advantage of using handheld restaurant tools is that you can add multiple users and admins to carry-out orders.

You can get more help during busy times by giving more staff access to the dashboard as users, speeding up services and making customers happier.

A portable restaurant order tracking system is a space-saving innovation

Handheld devices are excellent space-savers, especially for restaurants with limited space, like food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and coffee shops.

Staff can freely bring their handheld order systems. This shows how affordable and modern restaurant tools can work for smaller businesses.

Create an order system with MENU TIGER

A restaurant order system is a valuable tool that you can use to create an organized system for order tracking and fulfillment. It is a great way to provide convenience and elevate your customers' overall experience.

Moreover, creating a QR code menu that enables contactless ordering for restaurants is more practical as there is no need to acquire third-party ordering software. It also stores valuable data that you can use to attract potential, current, and returning customers.

Want to grow your business with MENU TIGER? Try out our features, sign up for free, or start your free demo today. No credit card is needed

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