Everything You Need For Your Restaurant In One Software


Drive Growth with Digital Menu QR Codes

Check out the features below for a seamless restaurant experience.

Managing a restaurant presents numerous challenges, such as mastering order management, supervising staff, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Fortunately, MENU TIGER provides a solution.

Explore the following features offered by MENU TIGER to streamline your restaurant operations and enhance efficiency.


Ordering Dashboard

Ditch the grease-stained notepads. The Ordering Dashboard offers a real-time overview of all incoming orders to help management ensure that there will be no more overlooked tickets or frenzied rushes – it’s all smooth sailing from here on out.


Sales Analytics

Gain insights into your restaurant operations at a glance. Access more comprehensive sales reports, identify peak hours and highlight top-selling dishes. These insights can help you create tailored menus to optimize your profits.


Purchase Analytics

Track ingredient usage and be on top of your inventory. With Purchase analytics, you can keep an eye on ingredient usage, manage your inventory, and avoid running out or having too much of anything. Say goodbye to empty pantries and hello to making better purchasing decisions.


POS Integration

Stop juggling multiple systems. MENU TIGER integrates with your existing POS to streamline order flow and consolidate data.


QR Code Menu Creation

Ditch the paper menus and create a menu QR code for customers to access instantly. Add visuals, customize designs, and watch orders roll in seamlessly.


Customer Order Management

Track customer orders, modify items, and offer personalized services. An interactive restaurant menu makes tasks such as taking special requests and splitting bills easier, and they are now available within MENU TIGER. 


Menu Analytics and Insights

Is your menu hit or miss? MENU TIGER analyzes your most popular dishes, identifies slower options, and recommends adjustments. This way, you can optimize your QR code menu for your customers and keep your profits soaring.


Restaurant Branding

Establish a solid online presence with our customizable website builder. Make the most of the White Label Website for your restaurant branding, tailor it to your brand's personality, and watch your restaurant grow in the digital landscape.


Customer Feedback

Gather feedback and allow customers to address their concerns. Comments and suggestions are welcome so you can celebrate compliments and continuously refine your offerings to keep your customers happy every time.


Multilingual Support

Serve customers from all over the world. MENU TIGER ensures you can cater to your diverse clientele with a QR code menu that showcases your products in multiple languages, making your restaurant welcoming for all.

Drive Growth with
Digital Menu QR Codes

Grow your customer base, cut costs, and improve your customer service with MENU TIGER's interactive restaurant software. Check out the features below for a seamless restaurant experience.

Build Your Online Menu & Restaurant Website

No coding skills required. Simply build your online menu and restaurant website with our user-friendly and easy-to-follow interface.

Online Menu & Restaurant Website

Sell Food Via Customized Menu QR Codes

MENU TIGER allows you to receive orders from customers who can scan QR codes. Plus, personalize your menu QR codes for a consistent branding identity.

Customized Menu QR Codes

Receive More Orders

Our sales-optimized website makes the online ordering process fast and easy. There are no restrictions with the orders you receive and fulfill. Maximize your restaurant profits by keeping track of your sales and revenue analytics for a more optimized menu pricing and design.

Receive Orders

Build Your Menu and Website

Make an interactive menu

Make an interactive menu

Build, edit, and optimize your menu any time with our multi-functional and user-friendly online menu builder. Fast and efficient for restaurants of all sizes.

Translate your online menus

Translate your online menus

Attract new clients and break that communication barrier by translating your menus to any language you want.

Set up a website to boost your sales

Set up a website to boost your sales

Create and design your restaurant website to raise the overall profile of your business. Attract new customers with an easy ordering system on your website.

Sell Food and Collect Orders

Efficient order tracking




Say goodbye to chaos and hello to seamless order management. Keep orders on track, keep customers satisfied, and watch your business thrive.

Upsell and Increase Sales

Run promotions to attract and retain customers

Increase your orders or widen your customer base by running targeted promotions to your guests. Edit and update your promotions on your website any time you want.

Highlight your recommended items

Display your featured items to entice your customers to order more. Creatively showcase your best-selling dishes and increase your order fullfilments.

Build smart choices in running your business

You can create and build smart choices in running your business with the help of our restaurant management insight reports.

Run targeted email campaigns using insights from dashboard

Create and design your restaurant website to raise the overall profile of your business. Attract new customers with an easy ordering system on your website.