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How to Use the MENU TIGER Tipping Feature

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Have you heard about the MENU TIGER tipping feature? This innovation is designed to help restaurant owners boost their revenue and streamline operations.

The QR code-powered digital menu software proves to be every modern restaurateur’s must-have with its handy features and functions.

Not only can it incentivize your service staff to provide exceptional service, but it can also increase customer loyalty and revenue.

In this blog, we'll discuss further the benefits of the QR code menu tipping feature for your restaurant with a short how-to guide for your customers to follow.

How can online menu tipping help customers?

Add tip using MENU TIGER
MENU TIGER tipping feature

A digital interactive menu software with an easy tipping feature is handy for any restaurant. With this, implementing restaurant surcharges through cashless options is possible.

While it can help restaurant owners streamline the payment process, provide valuable data insights, and increase revenue, the digital tipping feature can also benefit customers.

This upgrade in the interactive restaurant menu makes providing tips a breeze; no more waiting for the bill or worrying about carrying extra cash for your tips. 

Additionally, the tipping feature provides customers with a sense of control. They can choose the amount they want to tip without feeling pressured or rushed. 

This creates a positive experience for the customer and encourages them to return to your establishment.

Further, it will become an even easier and faster order-payment transaction if customers know how to order on a menu QR code.


How to use MENU TIGER tipping feature: A customer’s guide

With MENU TIGER’s intuitive interface, you can easily find and activate the tipping feature and start offering convenience to your customers.

The software is also easy to use from the customers’ end, so you can guarantee they’d have a smooth sailing ordering and tipping experience.

To guide them properly, here are ten easy steps on how to use MENU TIGER’s digital tipping feature:

1. Scan the restaurant’s menu QR code using your smartphone device. 

Note: Here’s how to scan a menu QR code.

2. Tap the three-line icon on the upper right of the restaurant’s homepage, then select Sign in.

Note: No need to sign up for dine-in customers.

3. Enter your account details, then tap Login. Don’t have an account yet? Select Create an account to sign up; it’s easy as pie.

Note: No need to sign up for dine-in customers.

4. Once on the menu, select your food items and click the + button to add them to your cart.

5. Choose your add-ons and provide food item details, then tap Add Item to Cart

6. Click the cart icon on the bottom right of the online menu.

7. On your cart, you’ll find the Add a Tip box. You can choose from the suggested percentages or place your preferred exact amount.

8. Select Place order

9. Choose your Payment method, then click Confirm

10. Click Done, and now you wait for your order.


How to encourage customers to leave larger tips

Good service for larger tips
Serving customers properly to encourage tipping

It's no secret that having satisfied customers can make or break your business. 

And while providing top-notch service through menu technology and delicious meals is crucial, tips are undoubtedly important to your staff's income and motivation. 

So, how can you encourage customers to leave bigger tips? Here are ten effective ways to get the job done:

1. Provide excellent service

Train your employees to be attentive to customers' needs and preferences while keeping a positive and friendly demeanor. 

This will not only help to create customer loyalty but will also encourage more generous tips, which will reflect positively on your business. 

Remember: the happier customers are, the more likely they are to leave better tips, so aim to provide them with nothing but the best service.

2. Make tipping easy with menu technology

Facilitate the tipping process by incorporating a user-friendly tip feature into your POS system. 

You can make easy tipping for customers by adding a suggested tip amount in your QR code menu to make it easier for them to decide the amount of tip they want to give.

Incorporating a tipping feature with pre-selected options encourages customers to leave tips with just a tap. This feature adds convenience and ease in giving a tip while increasing the chances of receiving one.

These minor adjustments can enhance the customer experience and boost employees’ earning potential.

3. Be flexible and accommodating

Be willing to make adjustments to accommodate customer preferences and dietary restrictions. It shows that you value their input and want to provide the best dining experience for them.

When customers feel heard and understood, they are more likely to tip generously and leave positive reviews, which can ultimately lead to increased business for your restaurant.

That’s why it is important to train your staff to listen to customer requests and make accommodations wherever possible.

4. Personalize the experience

Get to know your customers and their preferences. Take note of their favorite drinks or dishes and go the extra mile to make their experience unique and memorable.

For example, if customers always order the same drink, have it ready for them when they arrive. Or, if a customer has dietary restrictions, be prepared to offer alternative options they’ll enjoy.

Offering customized recommendations will do, too. Suppose a customer is undecided about what to eat; you can use your knowledge of their preferences to suggest dishes they may like.

5. Provide good value

Customers are likelier to tip generously when they feel they have received good value for their money. Good value refers to the perception that customers should get more than they paid. 

Therefore, ensuring that your prices align with the quality of your food and service is crucial.

One way to ensure your pricing aligns with your food’s quality and service is to conduct market research. Research your competition and see what they’re charging for similar menu items.

Consider the demographics of your target audience and their spending habits. You might charge more for your menu items if you're targeting a high-end customer.

And if you’re more of a family-oriented restaurant, you might opt for lower prices to accommodate family budgets.

Customer feedback is another great way to align your pricing and food quality.

6. Have your employees dress properly

Having your employees dress appropriately enhances the overall experience that customers can expect from your establishment, leading to happier customers and bigger tips.

You need to establish clear dress code policies for your employees, and there are different options to consider depending on your restaurant’s theme and setting.

If your establishment is more upscale, uniforms may be the best fit. However, a simple dress code may suffice if your restaurant is more casual.

Provide your employees with a dress code guide that they can use as a reference. Or better, give a uniform design to make it more professional and neat.

A well-implemented dress code in your restaurant can also help customers perceive your establishment. 

When customers see your employees dressed appropriately, they are more likely to perceive your restaurant as well-managed and trustworthy.

7. Offer complimentary items

Include a range of freebies in your customers' orders. Possible items include bite-sized appetizers, mini-desserts, fruit slices, or a complimentary drink.

This small gesture of kindness enhances customer experience and increases the likelihood of larger tips. Diners are also more likely to come back to your restaurant.

8. Create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere

A delicious meal would taste better when eaten in a lavish yet cozy setting. Invest in furniture, fixtures, and amenities that elevate your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Ensure that your restaurant is clean and well-ventilated. It must be cool in the summer or during a heat wave and warm in autumn or winter.

You can also play background music that would suit your restaurant’s vibe, but keep it at a minimum so diners can still talk to and hear each other.

And for the decor, you can place fresh (or fake) flowers and plants on table tops. 

Offering fast and stable free WiFi to diners would also be a good move. They can post pictures, reviews, and stories about their great experience, which can help attract new customers.

And if you’re using a QR code menu software, it will be easier for you to incorporate free WiFi since the software offers an option for owners to create a WiFi QR code.

All the customers have to do is scan the WiFi QR code with their smartphones to gain access to it instantly.

By doing all these, you can create a pleasant experience for your diners, opening the possibility of bigger tips.

9. Offer incentives

Consider offering incentives for customers who leave larger tips, such as a free dessert or a discount on their next visit.

Additionally, offering incentives can help increase business from word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers excited to take advantage of your incentives.

It’s important also to note that the incentives you offer should not be so substantial that they outweigh the value of tipping. Instead, they should only serve as a small token of appreciation.

10. Thank customers for their tips

Finally, ensure that your staff acknowledges and thanks customers for their tips. 

A simple “thank you” can go a long way in encouraging customers to leave larger tips. It shows that your staff values and is grateful for the customer’s recognition of their hard work.

It is crucial to train your staff to thank customers graciously and in a professional manner. A simple smile or nod can also help convey gratitude and add a personal touch.

Benefits of tips in your restaurant business

Tipping feature in digital menu
Adding a tip before placing order

Here’s a fun fact: In many countries, leaving a tip of around 15-20% of the total bill is customary. This only shows that the practice of tipping is advantageous to any business.

And when implemented with a restaurant contactless ordering system, restaurateurs can provide an easier tipping method for their customers.

Here are some of the benefits of tips in your restaurant:

Boosts employee morale

When customers leave tips, it is a sign that they are satisfied with the service they received. 

This can be a significant morale boost for your employees, especially those who work in the front of the house. 

Knowing their hard work is appreciated can motivate them to provide even better service, boosting customer satisfaction.

Encourages good service

Tips can also serve as an incentive for your employees to provide excellent service. 

The promise of a good tip can encourage your staff to go the extra mile for your customers, ensuring that they have a pleasant experience. 

This can lead to positive reviews, benefiting your restaurant in the long run.

Increases revenue

Encouraging tipping can lead to a significant increase in revenue for your restaurant. By incentivizing customers to tip, you’re increasing the money they spend during their visit. 

When customers are satisfied with the service provided by your restaurant, they are more likely to leave a tip, and this extra money goes straight to your bottom line.

You can use the increase to reward your staff with bonuses or pay increases, reinvest in the business, or even attract new customers by improving your marketing efforts.

Encouraging tipping in your restaurant can cause a positive ripple effect, increasing revenue.

Improves online reputation

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant's reputation in today's digital age, especially when almost every customer has a social media account.

Customers are more likely to leave positive reviews if they enjoyed your food or appreciated your service, which can attract more customers to your restaurant. 

Tips can motivate your employees to provide outstanding service. And this improvement can boost your online reputation, attracting more customers.


MENU TIGER: The QR code menu software for your restaurant

Convenience is the key in today’s fast-paced world, especially in the fine-dining industry, and MENU TIGER delivers just that. 

With its user-friendly interface, restaurant owners can smoothly manage their digital menu via the admin app, enhancing customer experience and boosting revenue.

Moreover, the MENU TIGER tipping feature is an excellent way to improve customers' dining experience while streamlining payment processing. 

You can easily access information about tips from your customers, allowing you to identify your customers' tipping patterns and adjust your service accordingly. 

Take advantage of the innovative tipping feature that MENU TIGER QR code menu software offers.


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