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Choosing the Best QR Code Menu App for Your Restaurant

Last Updated: April 24, 2024

A digital menu app or software is a tool that allows restaurants to create and manage their menus digitally for the convenience of both customers and restaurant staff.

This smart tool can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. That’s why choosing the right digital menu software that suits your restaurant's needs is crucial.

How do you make the right choice? Evaluating the software and understanding its benefits is key before implementing it for your restaurant. And we’re here to help you out. 

We’ve listed five of the best QR code menu software, together with each one’s features and advantages. Let's dive into the details so you can choose wisely.

The smartest digital menu maker apps for your restaurant

Smart menu maker app
Creating digital menu using menu maker app


MENU TIGER is a highly innovative and user-friendly digital menu tailor-made for restaurants looking for an end-to-end solution to scale up restaurant operations.

This advanced QR code-powered solution lets you easily create and manage campaigns and promotions via your online menu.

You can showcase your popular dishes and beverages and suggest food items to your patrons based on their past orders and preferences. 

It allows quick customization for your digital menu QR code and the option to white-label your restaurant website to integrate your brand seamlessly. 

MENU TIGER also offers multi-language support. You can easily translate your menu into 21 languages, and the software admin panel supports 26 languages—a feature that’ll be handy if you have foreign customers.

You can also collect valuable customer feedback through custom surveys. You can also receive feedback reports via email.

And what’s even greater about this menu planning app is you can use all these powerful features without downloading any application. It’s compatible with most devices, regardless of their operating systems.

And if you ever need assistance, the 24-hour customer service team is always available via email. 


FineDine is one of the digital menu technologies that can help improve restaurant operations. 

Its dine-in ordering & payment solutions feature has proven to be a game-changer for restaurant owners, providing their customers with a seamless, safe, and hassle-free dining experience.

This software provides an option for personalized branding. Users can adjust colors and fonts and add their unique logo on their menu to reflect their brand identity.

FineDine Menu is accessible across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This allows restaurateurs to manage their menus from anywhere at any time, offering flexibility and convenience.

The software provides valuable insights and analytics that allow restaurant owners to optimize their menus for maximum profitability. 

FineDine Menu enables users to track customer preferences, identify popular dishes, and make data-driven decisions to enhance menu offerings.

FineDine also provides an exceptional support team available online 24/7, ready to resolve any technical difficulties.


Menuflow offers an innovative solution to help restaurants easily showcase their offerings to customers. 

The digital menus Menuflow offers appealing layouts, images, and content that help customers visualize their meals before placing orders.

It provides an active QR code menu setup assistance to help present your restaurant's best dishes. And its menu schedule feature helps highlight your most popular dishes at different times of the day or week.

Menuflow also accepts various payment methods. Your customers can pay for their meals through cash, credit/debit cards, and digital payment platforms like Google Pay.

And to top it off, you won’t need to download any app to use Menuflow. Your customers simply have to scan your QR code for food menu access, and they’ll find it on their smartphones. 


Butlaroo is another innovative menu maker app that caters to the needs of hospitality businesses of all sizes. 

This menu planning app integrates front-of-house and back-of-house functionalities, making it a one-stop solution for any hotel, resort, cafe, bar, or restaurant.

This innovative tool lets you update your menu in real-time, display high-quality images of your food, and provide detailed information about each dish. 

It makes ordering convenient for customers and helps boost sales by promoting items and combos.

And with its QR ordering feature, customers can simply scan a QR code displayed on their table using their smartphone and place their order directly from their phone.

This eliminates printing and distributing menus, reduces wait times, and saves time and money.

Butlaroo supports various payment methods, whether cash, card, or digital. This provides your customers with a convenient way of paying, enhancing your customers' experience.


The MENURY digital restaurant menu offers a user-friendly and professional solution for restaurant owners who want to improve their operations.

This software provides various design templates for creating a professional-looking menu that matches the restaurant's brand and style. 

When the menu is ready, it can be exported as a PDF file, making it printable or suitable for display on a digital screen.

With the help of this software, restaurant owners can provide an accurate menu translation in seven languages. It can help you cater to customers who speak a different tongue.

Additionally, MENURY allows customers to fill out reservation forms on your website to book a table or place reservations beforehand.


How can a QR code menu help restaurant operations?

QR code menu for restaurant
Menu QR codes to help restaurant operations

Innovative menu software is one of the most popular tools restaurants have incorporated into their daily business.

Here are some ways QR code digital menu software can make restaurant operations more efficient and cost-effective: 

Reduced labor costs

A digital menu software allows customers to place their orders directly through their devices, which reduces the need for in-house staff to take and process orders. 

Restaurants can operate with only a few staff, saving labor costs. They can also redeploy their crew to other business areas, such as food preparation, deliveries, or equipment maintenance.

Improved accuracy

You can use a digital menu to reduce order errors due to misunderstandings or miscommunication between customers and the staff. 

Customers can view the menu options directly on their smartphones, select their desired items, and place their orders digitally. 

This eliminates potential misunderstandings during order placement, resulting in more accurate orders and, ultimately, happier customers. 

While this advantage enhances the customer’s experience, it also saves valuable time and resources for restaurateurs.

Better inventory management

A QR code digital menu software helps restaurant owners quickly determine items popular among customers and those that aren’t.

This valuable data allows for more effective inventory management and reduces food waste significantly. 

Restaurant owners can order ingredients accordingly by having a real-time overview of consumer preferences, minimizing the risk of running out of popular items or overspending on slow-moving products.

Ultimately, this translates into better cost control and improved profitability.

Increased efficiency

Instead of relying solely on servers to take orders, customers can scan the QR code on their table using their smartphones and instantly access the digital menu. 

This means customers won’t wait for a server to take their orders, reducing wait times and allowing for a faster and smoother dining experience. 

Moreover, you can update your digital menu in real-time, ensuring that customers can access the most accurate and up-to-date menu options. 

With this efficient ordering system, restaurants can serve more customers in less time, leading to higher table turnover and increased revenue.

7 things that make MENU TIGER the best digital restaurant menu software

Best smart digital menu
Smart menu maker MENU TIGER

What makes MENU TIGER the best interactive restaurant digital menu software? Let's dive in:

User-friendly interface 

MENU TIGER boasts a user-friendly interface that lets even the least tech-savvy individuals effortlessly create stunning digital menus. 

Its intuitive design allows you to easily navigate various options, customize layouts, and add mouth-watering food images.

Plus, customers can easily access and browse the menu independently without waiting for the waiter or waitress to bring the paper menus.

Customizable menus and QR codes 

You can customize your menus to suit your restaurant’s branding and aesthetic. This feature is handy for businesses running a theme to target the preferences of a specific customer base.

They can easily add and remove items from the menu, change the prices, and even add pictures of the dishes. They can also better showcase their unique offerings and cater to their guests' dietary preferences and restrictions. 

Additionally, MENU TIGER provides custom QR codes that you can easily integrate into your print menus or any marketing material to give your customers instant access to your digital menu.

Easy to update 

Imagine a customer's disappointment when they discover that the meal they want to order is no longer available. This is why it’s crucial to update your menus now and then.

Changing your menu offerings or adding daily specials is now easier than ever with MENU TIGER—no more time-consuming and costly reprints of paper menus. 

Restaurant owners can make changes with a few simple clicks. This way, they can conveniently add new menu items or remove sold-out ones or those they no longer sell.

It's hassle-free, cost-effective, and guarantees that customers can access the most up-to-date information.

Increases restaurant revenue 

With MENU TIGER, you can increase your restaurant revenue in a few ways:

First, the interactive menu makes it easy for customers to explore more dishes and add-ons, resulting in higher sales per table. 

Second, you can easily promote daily specials, happy hour deals, and other promotions on the menu, increasing customer awareness and sales. 

Lastly, the analytics provided by MENU TIGER allows you to identify popular dishes and trends, which you can use to optimize your QR code menu and pricing.

Manage multiple stores in one account 

MENU TIGER lets you manage multiple restaurants in one account, allowing greater business control. This feature is excellent for restaurant owners with branches in several locations.

This will enable them to tweak, update, and customize their restaurant experience for each customer in any location from a central location.

Provides order, revenue, and customer analytics 

MENU TIGER also offers overall analytics so restaurant owners can quickly identify what's working and what isn't. 

Access to analytics data can help owners know which menu items are hot sellers, which items might need boosters, and which promotions are most beneficial based on actual engagement data from customers using the app.

Allows multi-language translation

MENU TIGER provides multi-language translation, which can help you cater to a diverse range of customers.

Language barriers can often hinder customer satisfaction, but with MENU TIGER, your customers can browse your menu and place orders in their language of preference.


Streamlining your restaurant menu operation with MENU TIGER

Choosing the right menu app for your restaurant is a crucial decision that can make or break your restaurant. You must find the perfect tool for your business.

Investing in MENU TIGER is wise for any restaurant owner who prioritizes the satisfaction of their customers and aims to streamline their restaurant operations.

Its customizable menus, real-time updates, contactless ordering, and other wondrous features can help you rise ahead of the competition.

Subscribe to MENU TIGER QR code menu software today and take your restaurant's digital menu experience to the next level.

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