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Survey for Food Establishments: A How-To Guide

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

A survey for food establishments is an important marketing tool that helps you understand your customers. Conclusions produced from the results will help you visualize your restaurant from your customers' viewpoint. 

Using the right tools to conduct your customer survey is crucial. Think about the platform that your customers mainly access—your restaurant menu, whether printed, digital, or QR-coded. 

Your QR code menu allows you to conduct online customer surveys, a feature you can't have in a traditional or handheld paper menu.

Moreover, asking the right survey questions for restaurant feedback strategies is essential.

In this article, you'll learn why restaurant survey questions are important and how to conduct customer surveys using QR menu software.

Benefits of conducting a restaurant customer survey for food establishments

Collects customer data

restaurant customer survey

Creating restaurant survey questions about food, service, and the overall experience lets you collect information from most customers, like how often they dine, their average age, income, nationality, preferences, etc.  ICC FTP Server

Moreover, you can also obtain a downloadable version of this data through your restaurant order system, which stores and analyzes digital orders.

It's essential to know your customers, primarily when planning targeted offers and promotions, new items, or how to set up your menu.

Receive direct feedback from customers

restaurant customer feedback

You can get honest and straightforward opinions on the quality of your food, service, and restaurant ambiance when you create a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire for food products and services.

Trends come and go fast, and your customers' wants and needs move along with them. So, you must conduct regular surveys to keep up with the trends and new demands.

Prevent bad reviews on other platforms

Customers unhappy with your food or service might complain and post about their experiences online.

Conducting and creating food survey questions for restaurants where customers can voice their concerns can help you avoid awkward scenarios. 

Helps you provide better service

Regular customer service quality surveys are the best way to know the weak points of your service and your establishment.

It helps you identify and solve common but overlooked restaurant problems, like rude staff, poor seating arrangements, wrong check calculations, needing other modes of payment, and more.

Identify points for improvement

Using restaurant survey questions to check up on customers regularly will help you figure out what needs changing in your restaurant's QR code based menu, service, or food.

Moreover, with these food survey questions also help you monitor the positive or negative impact of the changes you've made in your restaurant.

23 restaurants' survey questions you should ask

Here are 23 food survey questions you can use for your customer satisfaction survey questionnaire for food products and food satisfaction, customer profile, digital menu, customer service, and promotion:

Customer profile survey

These questions are meant to help you build a profile of your typical customers. You can get an idea of their average age, visit frequency, and other questions that will help you understand how they act and think.

Your survey can include these questions:

  1. How old are you?
  2. How frequently do you eat at our restaurant?
  3. How did you learn about our eatery? 
  4. Have you availed of any of our discounts or offers? (If yes, which one?)

Food satisfaction survey

Disseminating a survey question for a restaurant about food will help you know if your customers are satisfied with the items on your menu.

It's easy to assume that your customers enjoy your dishes. But remember: food preference is subjective, and you can only please some customers. So, the key here is to find out what most of your customers want. For example:

  1. What was your order?
  2. How will you rate your order from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)?
  3. Briefly explain why you gave that rating.
  4. How can we improve your rating?
  5. Will you order that food again?

Digital menu survey

You might believe you have the perfect menu, but you might be surprised by your customers' opinions. Creating a digital menu feedback survey lets you know what your customers like or not and what they want to see on your food and drink menu.

You can also include questions about responsiveness or user-friendliness. Take a look at these examples:

  1. Was our menu helpful and easy to use?
  2. What part of our menu did you like the most?
  3. Does our menu fit your dietary needs and restrictions?
  4. Is our menu diverse enough to accommodate everyone's preferences?
  5. Was there anything you would like to see us include in the menu?

Customer service surveys

How you serve your diners is just as important as how your food tastes. You can get direct answers and feedback from your customers with customer service surveys, which will help you deliver excellent customer service at your restaurant. Let's take a look at these questions:

  1.  Did you find the staff approachable and helpful?
  2. Rate the speed of the service you were provided. (1 = slowest to 5 = fastest)
  3. Did our service staff suggest anything from our daily specials?
  4. Did the waiter ask you for dessert after your meal?

Promotional survey

When you run a promotion in your restaurant, you should ask for customer feedback to find out how well it went. This will determine the problem areas you need to address in your promotions and whether you can run similar deals or change them.

Here are a few restaurant survey questions you can ask your customers: 

  1. Did you buy any of our promotional/ discounted menu items? 
  2. How/where did you find out about our promotions?
  3. Do you want to participate in/avail of similar promotions in the future?
  4. What do you like and dislike most about our promotion?
  5. How can we improve our restaurant promotion?

These are sample questions that you can use in your customer survey. You can use all of them in a single comprehensive questionnaire. We suggest you ask 15-20 questions per survey, which can take 3 to 5 minutes to answer.

However, keep in mind that your customers are busy people, too. As a rule, use only 3 to 10 customer survey questions. Be clear and direct, and ask specific questions that lead to your needed answers.

The best customer survey tool for your restaurant

MENU TIGER is an online software that enables you to create your QR code menu. It also helps you build your restaurant website without coding, where you can conduct customer surveys online.

QR code menu dashboard

You can create brief surveys about food questionnaires with a text box, star rating, yes no, or smiley response option from scratch and deploy it on your website. Here's how:

How to use your QR code menu software to create restaurant surveys

create online restaurant survey

1. Open your MENU TIGER account dashboard and go to Surveys

    add new restaurant survey

    2. Click Add to add a new survey

    add restaurant survey name

    3. Create a name for your new survey and click Add

    restaurant survey welcome note

    4. Input a Welcome note or greeting for customers taking the survey

    restaurant survey question

    5. Then, click Add question and input your first question

    restaurant survey answer

    6. Select the type of answer you want to receive

    required survey question

    7. Check Required checkboxes for priority questions

    preview customer survey

    8. Click Preview to see how your survey looks

    save customer survey

    9. Finally, Save your survey

    QR code menu software helps you create online customer surveys

    A survey for food is essential, as well as other restaurant surveys. It helps you find areas where you're doing well and areas for improvement. Aside from food surveys, you can create promotional surveys, digital menus, and customer service quality surveys.

    There's no limit to the restaurant surveys you can create using QR code menu software. 

    Create a customer satisfaction survey using MENU TIGER today! It's free, and you don't need a credit card.

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