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Must-know restaurant marketing ideas for September

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

September marks the start of fall, and as the air starts getting colder, you should consider changing and updating your menus so they’d go along with the season. 

Families give up on outdoor dining in September when the weather shifts from warm to cool and opt to go out to their preferred restaurants and diners instead.

Over 200 million US consumers visited a sit-down restaurant in 2018, according to Statista. So long as restauranteurs and diner owners think about developing restaurant promotions and marketing strategies that can spark a surge of new consumers, this number will rise.

Here is a list of September marketing opportunities that you might need to take full advantage of.

September restaurant promotion ideas

September is the perfect time to roll out the marketing strategies that will entice and invite customers to dine in your restaurant. You can then serve up your restaurant’s top breakfast meals, white chocolate desserts, rice recipes, and burger specials.

Help guests and other restaurant entrepreneurs celebrate the momentous events of September while also driving up more sales and profits.

National Better Breakfast Month

Brunch menu idea
Female customer at brunch table

Breakfast is deemed the most important meal of the day, that’s why it’s important to have healthier options for your morning platter.

September dedicates itself to better breakfasts. Take advantage of this month by offering your consumers the greatest breakfast options on your menu.

You can promote better breakfasts by adding a wide range of healthy morning meal options to your menu.

Update your interactive QR code menu to highlight those choices and indicate whether they’re still available. 

In addition, you may run promotions on all your morning menu items, develop a special breakfast menu item for the entire month, or offer discounted prices on healthier breakfast options.

Make use of MENU TIGER’s tools to assist you in creating specials for National Better Breakfast Month.

National Double Cheeseburger Day

Burger menu QR code
Two customers eating burger with QR menu

The double cheeseburger is an all-time American favorite. It has its own day of celebration on the 15th of September. You can then ride along with the hype by running a special promo.

For instance, you can have a DIY Cheeseburger promo where you let your customers freely choose any modifiers they want to add to their double cheeseburger using the features of the MENU TIGER interactive menu.

This is the ideal tactic for challenging your clients’ imaginations and increasing revenue for your company at the same time.

Encourage customers to use the hashtag #DIYCheeseburgerDay and tag your business in posts to remember the occasion and cap off the celebration.

National White Chocolate Day

White chocolate
Close-up photo of white cholocate bar

White chocolate is a known paradox in which white and chocolate can coexist, but in 2004, the FDA finally acknowledged it as a member of the chocolate family.

Indulge your customers in a luscious chocolatey daydream. Using the features of the MENU TIGER digital menu software, you can curate a special white chocolate category in your restaurant’s interactive menu.

You can offer steamed hot cocoa with melted white chocolate. You can also include white chocolate as a cream alternative for your coffee beverages.

Aside from the drinks, you can also add white chocolate snacks to your interactive QR code menu. These include pretzels, cupcakes, truffles, and cake pops.

You can also offer vouchers or discounts for any white chocolate-based recipes on your menu.

National Fried Rice Day

Fried rice
A serving of fried rice

National Fried Rice Day was first observed in 2018 at Benihana, a teppanyaki restaurant in Japan. It may not be a standard rice dish, but it’s filling and has rich flavors from the variety of ingredients used in the preparation.

You can provide fried rice dinners in your restaurant to help you commemorate this important day. Additionally, you can either impart your own fried rice recipe or let your clients create their own fried rice.

Using the MENU TIGER interactive menu feature, you can let consumers customize their fried rice dish. On your interactive menu, you can offer modifiers and extras for them to choose.

You can then celebrate on social media with hashtags such as #NationalFriedRiceDay. With this tactic, you can let diners promote your fried rice meals on their social pages.

Other September restaurant marketing ideas

Here is a list of other celebrations you can use for your restaurant promos: 

Sourdough September 2022

Close-up sourdough bread

Celebrate the tangy yet healthy sourdough by highlighting pastries made with it on your menu. You can offer sourdough pretzels, croissants, and bagels in commemoration of Sourdough September

Include these treats in your MENU TIGER interactive QR code menu. You can add crisp photos of each item to make your diners’ mouths water.

National Hot Cross Buns Day 2022

Hot cross buns
Freshly baked cross buns

Hot cross buns are traditionally served on Good Friday, but did you know that they have a special day of celebration in September? National Hot Cross Buns Day is observed on the 11th.

To mark this occasion, provide buns that have been prepared with raisins and currants in your restaurant. You can also give out free hot cross buns for every purchase of selected items.

Using the interactive menu function of MENU TIGER, you can control the availability of hot cross buns in your establishment. Give your customers the chance to enjoy the flavors of this heartwarming treat.

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Kids baking
Girl and boy baking in the kitchen

Some restaurants set up a kids’ corner or a playground where customers’ children can play and have fun. Suppose you want to have one for your diner, but better. Here’s one thing you can do.

Set up a “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day” where you can let the young ones have a firsthand experience in your kitchen. They can observe how your cooks prepare food, and they can even help.

This is a fun activity that not only connects with adults but also with their children. An event like this will help you build rapport with the diversity of customers you have for your restaurant.

National Pancake Day

Pancake menu QR code
Menu QR code for National Pancake Day

September 26 is National Pancake Day, and to celebrate this fluffy morning treat that’s best paired with butter and syrup, you can run a special promo in your cafe.

You can offer DIY pancakes to your customers. They can create their own recipes and choose the toppings they want for their pancakes. 

With MENU TIGER’s interactive menu feature, you can display all the ingredients, sides, and add-ons that you offer for your DIY pancake promo.

Why do you need to use MENU TIGER to elevate your September restaurant promotions?

MENU TIGER is a digital menu program that completes your restaurant’s menu system while simultaneously establishing a web presence.

Creating a digital menu with MENU TIGER is a piece of cake. With a digital touchless menu, you can optimize customer transactions and boost restaurant productivity.

You will also save on manpower expenses since our software can let you operate with only a few staff.

This software is dependable and simple to use. It has different features that can make your business operation run smoothly.

  1. It gives you an opportunity to create scheduled promotions. This will greatly help during the month of September since it is jam-packed with food awareness events.
  2. It allows you to create a customized QR code menu and an interactive online ordering page.
  3. It offers digital payment for cashless transactions with Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  4. It lets you make a custom-built restaurant website for building a presence in the digital market and has a white label feature for website distinction.
  5. It allows you to upsell and cross-sell items, which improves sales.
  6. It provides both dine-in and takeaway options on its online ordering page.
  7. It provides you with a sales and customer analysis report for strategic planning.
  8. It allows you to make a feedback and survey form for personalized operations.
  9. It enables you to manage multiple stores with different users and admins for each branch.
  10. It has an accessible dashboard for phones, tablets, and laptops for a streamlined restaurant operation.
  11. It allows you to keep your customers informed with food labels and ingredient warnings.
  12. It has a built-in tipping feature that can collect tips from customers.
  13. It can also print receipts for faster transactions.

Celebrate the month of September with MENU TIGER

With the number of food awareness events during September, it is best to consider using MENU TIGER. MENU TIGER makes you create these events seamlessly and cater to customers without hassle.

To find out more about MENU TIGER, an advanced QR code menu software, and how it will help you run promotions for your restaurant during monthly special events, contact us today!


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