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September Product Updates 2022 

Last Updated: April 16, 2024

MENU TIGER September product updates enable restaurateurs, cafe owners, even retailers and other businesses to provide even better services to their customers. 

It includes Canva and Zapier software integration, new store detail updates, more menu item functions, and website and dashboard add-ons. 

Previously, the QR code menu software added features such as editing table names, adding a logo for each store, and adding a logo to the main website. 

Moreover, stores can create their own website domain using the white label feature. It lets them create a website URL using their brand name.

Learn more about the product updates for September below and how they can help your business. 

New Software Product Release Updates

Canva Integration

Design and functionality should come together. For that reason, the digital menu software collaborated with Canva to provide its users with more possibilities when creating their own designs.

With MENU TIGER-generated QR codes directly integrated into your Canva account, you can easily add Canva QR codes to the design templates.

You can use Canva to design your tabletop QR menu, social media campaigns, posters, banners, leaflets, and merchandise packaging.

How to use Canva QR code

Canva QR code
  1. Click the Settings beside your profile icon
  2. On the General Settings, go to the Developer tab
  3. Create and input a name for your API key and click Generate New Token
  4. Copy your API key
  5. Login to your Canva account and paste your API key
  6. Then, click Submit
  7. Proceed on creating your design
  8. Find your QR code from the QR codes folder in the drop-down menu 
  9. Finally, add your QR code to your design

Zapier Integration

Zapier integration

With Zapier, you can optimize your workflow by automating repetitive tasks between more than a thousand apps without coding.

Connect your menu software account and the apps you already use or are considering using, like Google Calendar, Facebook, YouTube, and Dropbox.

You’ll need to create a zap to establish this connection.

How to make menu zaps on Zapier

  1. Log in to your Zapier account
  2. Click Create a Zap
  3. Search and click “MENU TIGER”
  4. Then, select New Customer or New Order trigger
  5. Click Connect a New Account for new users 
  6. Then, enter your Zapier API key

Generating a Zapier API key from your menu for Zapier:

  1. Log in to your menu account
  2. Then, go to Account Settings
  3. Select the Developer tab
  4. Enter the token name and click Generate new token
  5. Copy generated token
  6. Then, paste it into the Zapier API key tab
  7. Click Yes, continue on the API key tab
  8. And click Continue on the Zapier trigger tab
  9. Next, click Test trigger 

Note: A green check will show if you have successfully integrated your menu account into your Zapier account and that your trigger is working.

  • Finally, choose a corresponding action for your trigger

Store Updates 

Previously, the Stores section allowed adding tables, users, and admins to access the QR code menu dashboard.

Check out the newly added product updates to the Stores panel:

Show opening hours per store

Store opening hours

This updated product feature allows you to show the days of the week when you are open for business. You can also set your business hours for each store.

Moreover, the ordering function is accessible when you set business hours. Hence, your customers can place their orders online using a QR code or URL during open days and hours. 

Otherwise, customers will not have the option to place an order, but they can still view the store’s menu.

When visiting your website, customers can select a store and view the business hours at the bottom of the homepage. 

How to set store business hours

  1. Go to Stores and select the store you want to edit
  2. Select Opening Hours from the Store details section
  3. Then, enable all of your business days and disable your days off
  4. Set the business hours for each day
  5. Then, click Save

Add social media accounts per store

Restaurant social account

Another handy update to the Stores section allows you to link your social media pages directly to your store’s website. 

Clickable social media buttons at the bottom of your website let your customers quickly access your social media pages with one tap.

This feature can potentially increase your impressions, engagement, and following on social media.

How to add a social media account per store

  1. Go to Stores and select the store you want to add social media accounts
  2. Then, select Social Account from the store details section
  3. Add your social media account username to the spaces provided
  4. Finally, click Save

Enable/disable ordering per store

View only menu

You can enable or disable dine-in or takeaway orders from your store website.

Enabling dine-in or takeaway ordering means providing your customers with an interactive menu. They can browse the menu, customize and place their orders, pay, and tip through their phone.

On the other hand, if you want to provide a view-only menu to your customers, you can disable both dine-in and takeaway orders. 

When customers scan your QR code restaurant menu on their tables, they can only browse and access the website and menu. However, they can’t place an order or pay. For orders and payments, they will need to approach your staff.

How to enable/disable ordering per store

  1. Go to Stores and select a store
  2. Click on Settings from the store details panel
  3. Then, enable/disable dine-in or takeaway ordering
  4. Click Save

WiFi QR code

Restaurant wifi QR code

Customers can just scan the WiFi QR code to access your WiFi network automatically.

It’s easier for customers to connect to your WiFi without asking for your WiFi password and typing it manually.

Tip: Place your WiFi QR code in visible areas of your store. Also, include a CTA phrase clearly stating it’s a WiFi QR code so that customers can differentiate it from your menu QR code. Here are some areas where you can put your Wi-Fi QR code:

  • Doors or walls
  • Counters
  • Tabletops or table tents
  • Menus

How to generate a Wi-Fi QR code per store

  1. Go to Stores and select the store you want to generate a Wi-Fi QR code
  2. Then, click WiFi from the store details panel
  3. Click Add a WiFi QR Code
  4. Select the WiFi access type (WPA, WEP, or no encryption)
  5. Next, type in your WiFi SSID 
  6. Then, input your WiFi password
  7. Click Generate to create and customize your WiFi QR code

Customizing your WiFi QR code

  1. Add your store’s logo
  2. Choose a data and eye pattern
  3. Then, set the pattern, eye, and background color
  4. Customize the frame shape, color, and CTA text
  5. Finalize and scan the Wi-Fi QR code for scannability and functionality
  6. Click Update
  7. Download, print, and deploy the Wi-Fi QR code

Bulk delete and download of table QR code menu

Bulk QR code menu

Individually deleting or downloading multiple menu QR codes on a table is quite a job. With this update, you can select multiple menu QR codes for bulk downloading and deletion.

This is a practical QR code feature when working in larger establishments that require multiple QR menus.

How to bulk delete/download table QR code 

  1. Go to Stores and select the store you want to download/delete table QR codes
  2. Click on Tables 
  3. Then, check the boxes of the QR codes you want to download; or
  4. Check the box beside the Tables to select all table QR codes
  5. Then, select Delete to delete the selected table QR codes; or
  6. Select Download QR codes to download the QR code in a .zip file.

QR code menu item updated functions

Copy and move menu items to another category

Did you place a menu item in the wrong menu category? Or do you want to move or duplicate a menu to another menu category?

With this update, you can just mark the menu item/s that you wish to copy or move—no need to manually input menu items into different categories.

This allows you to work freely on sectioning, organizing, and customizing their menu.

How to copy and move menu items to another category

  1. Go to Menu and select Foods
  2. Then, go to the menu category of the menu item/s you want to copy or move
  3. Mark the menu item/s 
  4. Then, choose Copy or Move
  5. Choose Copy and select the menu category to duplicate the menu item/s
  6. Or choose Move and select the menu category to transfer the menu item/s
  7. Check if everything is correct
  8. Finally, click Copy or Move

Menu item taxation feature

Menu item taxation

You can now incorporate tax on specific menu categories or menu items. 

You may apply a different sales tax rate to particular items on your menu than others. With this, you can either include the taxes directly on the item price or apply tax on top of the menu item price. 

How to add a menu taxation

  1. Go to Taxation
  2. Click Add and set the name of the tax category
  3. Then, select the tax type


  • When you choose Apply tax on top of item prices, the value of the tax will show and will be added to the item price upon checkout of the customer
  • The second type, Item prices already include taxes, once the tax value is set, it will automatically form part of the total price of the item upon checkout

4. Input the tax rate you will add for dine-in orders or takeaway orders.

5. Click Create to save the tax category details.

September product updates for the Admin panel dashboard

Customizable and downloadable website URL QR code

Website URL QR code

You can now download your website URL QR code. The website URL QR code is slightly different from the menu QR code you created before. Though it still contains your menu, it will redirect to your website homepage.

Using their smartphones, customers can access your store website in a few seconds with one scan of your website URL QR code instead of typing a lengthy URL on their browser.

Hence, you can use the website QR code for promotion, merchandise, vouchers, packaging, etc. You can even customize their website URL before downloading to match it with their brand. Here’s how:

How to customize and download URL QR code

  1. Go to Dashboard 
  2. Click the QR code icon beside your website URL
  3. Then, click Customize
  4. Select the data and eye pattern, set the colors, and select and customize a frame
  5. Finalize, test scan, and click Update
  6. Then, go back to the website URL QR code icon and click Download

Website newsletter sign-up feature

Restaurant website newsletter

Email newsletters enable you to communicate directly with your potential and current customers, which is important for different businesses. 

The software product release updates have now added an email newsletter signup box at the bottom of your website. Customers can easily fill out the signup box with their email addresses to receive updates from your store.

The built-in email newsletter signup box on your website collects all the email signups that you can easily download. It makes adding customer emails to your email marketing software more convenient and streamlined. 

How to download email newsletter signups

  1. Go to the Reports section and select Newsletter Signups.
  2. You can find the Download CSV File button to download the email newsletter signups from their website.

Improve your digital menu using MENU TIGER product updates

As the best interactive QR code menu software, we ensure that you get the best services to enhance and promote your business, whether an F&B, hospitality, or retail business.

The September product updates feature software, store, menu, and dashboard updates that can turn a digital menu into better revenue-generating tools.

Try out MENU TIGER for free today or schedule a demo to find out how it can help your business.

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