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Plant-based Places: 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Exploring the best vegan restaurants in Berlin should be part of your itinerary when visiting Germany.

You may not know this, but Berlin is one of the most vegan-friendly cities around the globe. It has more than 80 plant-based restaurants, so you surely won’t run out of choices.

Some of these have even incorporated modern technology like a QR code menu, so customers simply browse and see every food detail.

This food information includes images, descriptions, allergen warnings, and whether ingredients are organic or processed, enlightening you on whether the food is purely vegan. 

Now, let’s dive into the most exciting part: discovering the best vegan food in Berlin. 

Berlin, vegan capital of the world: Facts and trivia

Berlin is renowned for its iconic architecture, beautiful landmarks, and historical places, and it's also one of the most vegan-friendly places across different countries.

The German capital is first on the list of top vegan cities worldwide. It has over 50 vegan restaurants and 300 places that provide vegetarian and vegan options.

Concerning the city’s population, it is reported that the number of those who identified as vegan or vegetarian doubled during the pandemic. 

Another reason Berlin is the world's vegan capital is the vast range of industries, like hotels, bars, and supermarket chains, that have turned 100% vegan. In truth, Berlin is where you will find the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe. 

An out-of-towner can do many exciting things in Berlin, such as shopping at their cruelty-free clothing store, attending fermentation workshops, and enjoying veganism shows during film nights. 

With all the vegan Berlin trends, it truly is the vegan paradise on earth. 

Best vegan restaurants in Berlin: featuring their specialties

1. Curry 61 

Get ready for a bite of delectable currywurst from Curry 61. This dish is a must-try food that other diners would probably recommend to you; it is some of the best vegan food in Berlin.

Curry 61
Curry 61 website

When you go there, expect a flock of locals and tourists outside the order window, hoping to get a quick currywurst lunch or snack. 

Curry 61 would be a perfect place for cheap and quick eats with a view, as you’ll be amazed by the graffiti painting of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker’s kiss.

2. Vöner

Looking for a place with the best vegan kebabs in Berlin? Voner has got you covered.

They will not fail you with their tasty vegan kebabs and other vegan versions of wraps, burgers, currywurst, and hot dogs. They are worth trying savory sauces like herbs, tahini garlic, and chili. 

For a sweet bite, order their delicious cookies and brownies. It is a delicacy that can make you experience the taste of Berlin.

If you want outdoor dining, you may do so because they have outdoor seating with a relaxed atmosphere.  

3. Sunshine Vegan Berlin 

Sunshine Vegan Berlin is 100% vegan and serves Thai and Vietnamese dishes. 

Sunshine vegan berlin
Sunshine Vegan Berlin website

Try their sumptuous salads, spring rolls, tofu, faux meat dishes, and coconut soup. For starters, you can order their seitan drumsticks, and for the main dish, you can't go wrong when you order their seitan dish. 

Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry because their offers come at affordable prices.

4. Kanaan

Kanaan, a vegan-vegetarian and Israeli-Palestinian restaurant, is a unique dining place in Berlin. You will experience Israeli-Arabic cuisine and their freshly prepared Palestinian home cooking.

Kanaan website

They serve a great selection of fresh salads, hummus, dishes,  falafel made from a unique family recipe, veggie burgers, veggie shawarma, and homemade baked goods.

You can also enjoy a cup of their authentic Arabic coffee. Indeed, this is a place where Europeans get a taste of Middle Eastern dishes. 

5. Frea

Zero waste—this sustainable concept of Frea makes it a popular vegan fine dining restaurant for locals and tourists. It's one of the establishments that can give you a taste of Berlin.

No food is wasted in this restaurant because they have an in-house composting machine that turns leftovers into a soil substitute. They only use regional and seasonal vegetables in preparing their dish, without animal products.

Frea website

Their lunch menu includes an exclusive selection of drinks like fine coffee and tea and homemade specials like kombucha, water kefir, and juices.

 For desserts, don't forget to try their white chocolate, mousse, and ice cream; they’re delish. 

6. Cai Kitchen 

Cai is a vegan bistro serving vegan specialties from the Sichuan region of China, known for luscious dishes such as rice bowls, wanton soups, noodles, and dumplings.

Cai's kitchen
Cai's Kitchen website

Some palatable dishes popular with customers are Dandan noodles, tofu soup, and polenta, which you could order as you must try to see for yourself. And for your information, a gluten-free option is available. 

Best casual Berlin vegan restaurants

7. Feel Seoul Good

Even though you’re in Germany, you can still have a taste of Korean food at Feel Seoul Good.

Feel seoul good
Feel Seoul Good website

Their menu offers traditional vegan Korean dishes, such as soups, dumplings, bibimbap bowls, Korean pancakes, kimchi, and vegan sushi rolls. And don’t miss out on their delicious side dishes—they are excellent too.

Aside from the quality food they serve, they have professional staff that can make you feel welcome. This vegan place is an excellent destination to hang out and chill with friends. 

8. Alaska Bar

Alaska Bar is the place where you will find exceptionally delicious vegan tapas. They have numerous great menu selections of finger foods like faux smoked salmon, cream cheese, patatas bravas with aioli, Spanish tortillas with tip, and vegan cheese. 

Alaska bar
Alaska Bar website

Save room for churros and a cup of hot chocolate. You certainly won’t get enough of this sweet and tasty combo. The best part? Their menu offerings come at a reasonable price.

This place has a quintessential German interior and a cozy atmosphere, making it a great spot to spend your lovely evening. 

9. Brammibal’s Donut 

Are you a fan of donuts? There’s no better place than Brammibal. They have a wide selection of donuts—ranging from classic to special ones. 

Brammibal's donut
Brammibal's Donuts website

Their vegan donuts are luscious, colorful, and available in various flavors. Their dough has no preservatives and is made fresh daily using local and organic ingredients.

They also sell charity donuts—a sweet treat that gives back to the community. A portion of the donut’s monthly sales proceeds goes to charitable bodies and NGOs.

10. no milk today

If you feel hungry after strolling around Grimmuseum, you can grab a bite at no milk today.

No milk today
"no milk today" website homepage

Indulge in the incredibly delicious vegan breakfast offerings and choose from their tasty drinks. All their items are gluten-free. 

Their food is great, and their place is well-decorated with vintage finds. You can go there for a coffee date, sip vanilla soy cappuccino, and have a slice of chocolate mousse cake. 

How automating restaurant services using a QR code menu can help enhance customer satisfaction 

No more long queues 

Waiting in long queues can certainly frustrate anyone, especially if you are hungry and in a hurry.  And this is exactly how customers feel while waiting to place an order.

However, when you implement restaurant contactless ordering system, customers may order from the comfort of their seats; they only need to scan the displayed QR code on their table to access the online menu.

Customers can conveniently view menu lists, order, and pay directly through their smartphones—a faster and more efficient process to complete their orders. 

Fast and efficient ordering through the QR code menu

Waiting time is an essential element for customers to make repeat-purchase decisions. A study shows that short waiting times result in higher customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, when customers wait for a long time to get the service, it results in customer dissatisfaction. 

A QR code menu can help you satisfy customers with faster service. Customers can directly order once they are seated without having to call for a server.

They only need to scan the QR code typically placed on their table, and their order will instantly reflect on the kitchen dashboard, which quickly notifies kitchen workers.

This way, it’s easier to process customers' orders and is more favorable for their convenience. 

Food transparency

Restaurateurs, especially those running fast casual restaurants, need to be transparent with their menu offerings. This is to help customers make informed choices, especially those with specific dietary restrictions like allergies, to find the food that meets their needs. 

The interactive digital menu QR code will help you reflect the much-needed transparency; it has features that allow you to add information about the allergen contents and ingredient sourcing, whether organic or non-GMO. 

The essential food details reflected in the online menu can help build a strong reputation and brand loyalty with the customers. 

Customers can choose and place orders at their own pace

Some customers often find it hard to select items from a printed menu since they only have a limited time to go through it. 

But with a QR code based restaurant menu, they can take their time going through the menu and look closely at every food detail.

This is more favorable for customers who usually take longer to decide what to order because you can recommend items on the digital menu and let customers choose sides and add-ons for every item purchased. 

Also, this is a plus for your business because recommending other items could increase customers' total order value.

Use MENU TIGER for a one-of-a-kind dining experience

You can be one of the best Berlin vegan restaurants in Berlin by serving quality food and giving guests a memorable experience. 

People will likely remember you if you made a remarkable impression, especially first-time customers. So, give the best experience customers could ever have by automating services using the interactive restaurant digital menu. 

Create a QR code menu with MENU TIGER and try the newest Freemium plan.

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