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8 Best Restaurants in Lake Tahoe for the Summer

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

Dining at the best restaurants Lake Tahoe for the summer is one incredible (and tasty) way to enjoy your vacation in this majestic natural wonder.

You can enjoy a slice of the lake's picturesque view as you feast on popular dishes like eggs benedict and potato pancakes.

But here’s the thing: Many restaurants are in the Lake Tahoe area. And with too many options, you may not know where to start.

This is why we have gathered our top 8 must-try restaurants for a summer trip to the gorgeous lake.

We’ll also show how restaurant owners can use a QR code menu software for streamlined operations and excellent service to local and visiting diners, especially during peak seasons.

And now, for the most exciting part: Discover the best restaurants Lake Tahoe and their specialties.

Best restaurants in Lake Tahoe for the summer: Why it's a must-visit

A visit to California or Nevada wouldn’t be complete without exploring the beauty of Lake Tahoe. The scenic drive around the lake won't bore you on your way to grab a bite.

Lake Tahoe is home to numerous restaurants with great views of the lake, and each offers exquisite fare.

It's a culinary spot, so whether you're into American classics or inspired cuisine, you will have plenty of options. 

And on top of that, the magnificent view that Lake Tahoe beholds is no ordinary sight. You also shouldn't miss sunsets as you share a meal with your loved ones.

Get a taste of Tahoe when you sate your appetite, wet your whistle, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this one-of-a-kind wonder of nature. 

The best restaurants in the Lake Tahoe area

If you’re searching for a great place to grab a bite within the Lake Tahoe area, you can go to any of the following restaurants:

Christy Hill restaurant

Whether planning for an elegant place to celebrate occasions or simply looking for the best restaurants in Tahoe, Christy Hill is an excellent choice.

Known for its French-inspired California food, it offers the best view with its lakefront terrace dining, and with perfect timing, you can catch the magnificent sunset. 

This place has a cozy vibe with a stunning lake view, and it won't disappoint you with its food and drink menu.

Start your meal with Christy Hill's delectable pan-roasted gnocchi. They serve this dish on a small plate with duck confit, mushrooms, kale, port jus, carrots, and an egg on top.

As for the main course, you should try out their bistro steak, made with butternut squash puree, cipollini onions, charred broccoli, and red wine demi-glace.

Save room for chocolate orange croissant bread pudding, pear cobbler, and dark chocolate torte; these splendid desserts will complete the experience.

Evan's American Gourmet Cafe

If you desire a fine dining experience in Lake Tahoe, Evans American Gourmet Cafe is the right destination.

This Zagat-rated restaurant in the Sierras is in a Tahoe cabin surrounded by towering pine trees. It features contemporary American cuisine, highlighting fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Start your meal with the well-loved sauteed veal sweetbreads, served over polenta with seasonal mushrooms and capers in lemon brown butter.

For entrees, you won’t go wrong with the grilled beef filet with horseradish-green peppercorn butter and syrah reduction, served with white cheddar gratin potatoes and broccolini.

And if you're in the mood to drink, don't worry because they also have an extensive wine list featuring selections from around the world.


Head over to AleworX for a fresh and fun dining experience and savor the locally crafted beer from their self-pour rotating handles, allowing you to pour as much as you want. 

This restaurant has two locations on the South Shore. It offers outdoor dining on patios with fire pits and is pet-friendly; you can take your pets with you as you dine.

They serve wood-fired pizza with fresh topping choices and lists of house-suggested combos. You can also check their menu for the healthy appetizers they offer.

And nightly, they have live music, which gives the place a fun and festive atmosphere, making Alerworx a go-to for locals and visitors alike.

Sprouts Cafe

Are you craving something healthy and satisfying? Head to Sprouts Cafe—one of South Lake Tahoe's best restaurants—for their hearty yet healthy dishes.

Sprouts Cafe is a simple restaurant counter-service that offers homemade soups, wraps, burritos, and smoothies.

They have grab-and-go snacks like authentic Tahoe turkey sandwiches, perfect for a beach day or mountain hiking trip.

Quench your thirst with their freshly squeezed juices, like Kale Refresher and Tahoe Turmeric. 

The Coachman

Even if you're not staying in this fancy hotel, you can still experience the laid-back and relaxing vibe. Breakfast is available at their lobby bar from 7 to 9 a.m. 

Besides coffee, beer, and wine, The Coachman offers other breakfast menu options, such as breakfast burritos and decadent waffles, to which they recommend adding whipped cream.

And while you're there, try their veggie burritos; they pair well with their complimentary coffee and tea.

Once you’ve eaten, you can head to the Heavenly Gondola since it’s only a ten-minute walk from this hotel.

The best restaurants in Tahoe with a view

While it’s great to have a sumptuous meal in a restaurant, the experience is better if the place has a fantastic sight. That way, you can treat your taste buds and your eyes.

For your guide, here are some of the best restaurants in Lake Tahoe with a view:

Cafe Fiore

Lounge at Cafe Fiore for a romantic dinner at one of the award-winning Lake Tahoe restaurants.

The place is lovely and is a good spot for any occasion. You’ll appreciate its beauty even more if you try their al fresco dining setup. 

It has an extensive wine list and an Italian menu featuring eggplant crepes as its signature dish. 

The eggplant crepes are filled with sauteed smoked salmon and served with sherry cream and sun-dried tomato sauce.

Another great entree you must try is a special swordfish dinner; it sure can captivate anyone, so you better make a reservation and pre-order it.

End the fantastic meal with their bestseller and decadent white chocolate ice cream.

Edgewood Restaurant

The fine cuisine and spectacular view the Edgewood Restaurant offers have earned it a loyal following for decades.

Offering every table an amphitheater view of Lake Tahoe and the Sierras, it has become a famous dining place for locals and tourists.

This place is ideal for celebrating anniversaries because of its intimate atmosphere.

They offer meat-centric entrees—a prime steak duo, a study of Mahoney and Irwin lamb, Brandt Farm prime filet mignon—and a wide selection of wine. 

It's a famous dining place for both locals and tourists. If you wish to go there, sunset is the best time; the scenery will amaze you.

Artemis Lakefront Cafe

Artemis is the destination you shouldn't miss if you're looking for tasty Greek and Mediterranean food while enjoying the spectacular views of the lake and Sierras.

Located in the Ski Run Marina, this cafe allows diners to bring their pets/

Their bestsellers include Greek breakfast, baklava, French toast, lamb gyro, and Greek salad. And if you're on a vegan diet, you can't go wrong with the filling veggie pita.

Their luscious offerings will fulfill the experience while you dine on their large, sunny patio overlooking Lake Tahoe.

The best restaurants in South Lake Tahoe

If you'd like to be specific about your preferred Lake Tahoe location, here are a few of the best restaurants in South Lake Tahoe:

Hell's Kitchen Restaurant

Inspired by the famous Gordon Ramsay's television show, Hell's Kitchen Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe offers a dining experience that blends exquisite cuisine with an energetic atmosphere.

The restaurant features a menu curated by Chef Ramsay himself, showcasing his signature dishes alongside American classics with a modern twist.

With its stylish decor and open kitchen concept, diners can witness the culinary magic firsthand.

Riva Grill

Overlooking the picturesque Lake Tahoe, Riva Grill offers a stunning waterfront dining experience combined with delicious California cuisine.

The restaurant features a diverse menu highlighting fresh seafood, premium steaks, and inventive cocktails.

Guests can enjoy their meal either indoors, surrounded by rustic yet elegant decor, or on the expansive outdoor deck with panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The Beacon Bar & Grill

Situated on the shores of Lake Tahoe at historic Camp Richardson Resort, The Beacon Bar & Grill is a beloved dining spot known for its laid-back atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine.

The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, including its famous Rum Runner cocktail and signature Rum Runner BBQ sauce.

Guests can dine indoors or on the spacious lakeside deck, where they can soak in the stunning views while enjoying live music during the summer months.

How to make your QR code menu attractive and profitable using MENU TIGER

Restaurant operators must level up their menus to make the most of the hot season. 

Start reinventing your menu and seasonal dishes. And to save you from the tedious task of optimizing your menu, upgrade to a digital one. 

MENU TIGER, one of the best QR code menu software, is a tool worth investing in for restaurants.

It's handy and has features to help you achieve your commercial goals. You can also update your menu inclusions anytime and complete them in just a few minutes.

Know how to make your digital menu profitable with the following information below.

Showcase dishes with beautiful images 

Images of your menu items help customers visualize food before it is served right in front of them. Professionally-taken photos also influence customers' purchasing decisions. 

Thankfully, MENU TIGER allows you to showcase your menu items with its ability to add not just one but up to three photos for every item.

To ensure that photos look great, check if they have a high resolution before uploading them.

Here’s how to add photos to your offerings in your MENU TIGER digital menu:

1. In your MENU TIGER account, go to Menu and proceed to Foods

2. Then, choose which food category the item belongs to. And once you've found the item, click the three dots next to it and click Edit.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Start uploading image/s by clicking on the rectangle.

Note: Preferred size is 400px by 300px.

4. Hit the Update button to save changes.

Label your items as “new” and “bestseller”

Some customers take time to decide what they should order since they don’t know which they should choose. To help them, you can promote items by placing labels like “new” and “bestseller.”

By labeling, you indirectly suggest items they could choose, influencing their purchasing decision. They would also think that these items are worth purchasing.

You can easily label your menu offerings with MENU TIGER's interactive digital menu software.

To label the food item on your menu, follow these steps:

1. On your dashboard, go to the Menu section and click the Food subsection.

2. After that, choose from the list of food categories the item belongs to.

3. Search the item from the food list, click the three dots beside it, and hit Edit.

4. Scroll halfway and look for Labels. Once found, choose the label options, either New, Bestseller, or both.

5. Lastly, hit the Update at the bottom of the page.

Feature your specialty on the menu 

Another way to sell certain items is to highlight them on your menu.

Featuring food items on the QR code for food menu is a great way to make them stand out. Thus, it will quickly catch customers' attention and direct their focus to such items. 

Most importantly, if you couple them with enticing images, it will encourage them to check out the item.

Here’s how to feature your menu items with MENU TIGER:

1. On the admin panel, go to Menu and click the Food subscription.

2. Choose the food category and select the food item you will feature.

3. Click the three dots beside the item and choose Edit

4. Scroll halfway, look for Feature, and click the box beside it.

5. Scroll to the bottom and hit the Update button.

Schedule the visibility of seasonal items on the QR code menu

Selecting which items should appear and disappear from the menu is an additional task for your staff.

But with MENU TIGER, you can schedule the visibility of food categories and items based on specific time frames.

This is especially helpful for seasonal dishes or menu items only available during certain hours of the day. Follow this guide to use this feature:

1. Go to Menu and proceed to Foods.

2. Find the food category/item you'll show on your menu in a particular time frame.

3. After that, click the three dots on the right side of the food category or item and choose Visibility.

4. Select Show only from, then set the time range to your preference.

5. Mark the days you want the category or item to appear on the menu by checking the box next to it.

6. Lastly, tap the Save button.

Make your restaurant a perfect destination for diners this summer with the help of MENU TIGER

Be one of the best restaurants in Lake Tahoe for the summer by giving diners a plate of sumptuous dishes and a remarkable experience with the help of advanced restaurant technology.

MENU TIGER’s QR code technology will make managing the menu, implementing promotions, and boosting services a piece of cake. 

The platform is the most suitable tool you need during these busy times. Its features give restaurants of all sizes a streamlined and smoother flow of operations. Sign up for MENU TIGER's freemium plan and create your restaurant's QR code menu today!

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